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10 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Dreams

10 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Dreams

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Whether big or small, follow your dreams to become a happier person. It might be a tough road but here are 10 reasons why you should follow your dreams.

pin image 10 reasons why you should follow your dreamsShould you follow your dreams? Yes!

This is a very common question many people have. You may be asking yourself the question: should I follow my dreams or be practical and for example get a ‘normal’ job?

No matter big or small, work-related or not: Following your dreams is an important thing to do in your lifetime. I dare you to be passionate about your dreams.

Follow your dreams to become happier. Because your dreams and goals are what you aspire to be or do, which gives you a sense of meaning and purpose.

Your dreams are something that you’re passionate about. By following your dreams, you’ll become a better and happier person all in that one process.

This advice is for anyone with any kind of dream, big or small. Sometimes it may feel that your situation doesn’t allow you to fully pursue your dreams, but often there are some tiny steps that you can make – and many tiny steps are as good as one big step.

Some people find it hard to follow their dreams and be passionate about them. Here are 10 reasons why you should follow your dreams.

#1: It gives you a sense of purpose

All your dreams are made to be followed, also on your worst day. Even if you are struggling, keep going because your dreams will motivate you.

Even if it’s not going the way you want it to go, you still need to wake up in the morning and keep working to achieve your dreams.

It gives you a sense of purpose because you are working toward and following your dreams.

#2: You’ll meet new people who seek dreams as much as you do

When you’re excited about your dreams and following them, you start attracting other people that are on the same wave as you.

People who have the same values, maybe different interests, but who are also working towards what they want out of life.

Surrounding yourself with people who are high achievers, will help you go further in life.

Even when things get hard, seeing your friends working towards their goals, it will, for sure, motivate you to keep achieving and following your dreams.

You will encounter people who are optimistic about being successful and are willing to pursue their goals to all depths.

When you find people like this, you start seeing a change in yourself, and they will help you enhance all your best qualities.

When you attract positive and motivated people, you will get more motivated and positive yourself.

#3 No one can follow them for you

If you don’t follow your dreams, who is going to pursue those dreams for you?

Everyone has their own dreams. Some are actively pursuing them, some are not. You have the same choice. No one is going to achieve and follow your dreams for you – it’s your job.

Only you will be the advocate for your dreams.

should you follow your dreams

#4 Remember this is something you’ve always wanted

When things get tough and you feel like giving up, take a moment and remember why you started in the first place.

Your dreams are yours and they’re something you’ve always wanted.

This blog is a way to fulfil my dreams of helping people to learn and improve their lives, as much as I am learning. Helping people is something I have always wanted to do. I am learning like you all are, and I want to help you progress like I am.

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#5 You will become an inspiration to those around you

Your work can inspire others to follow their dreams because they can see you’re working towards making your dreams a reality.

I’ve learnt to focus on the dreams I have for myself. Don’t worry about other people’s dreams, but do get inspiration from the fact that they are following their dreams. At the same time, you will become an inspiration to those around you.

People need inspiration and you may become a symbol to those who haven’t yet reached their goals. 

You’ll be living proof that a person can achieve anything with dedication, perseverance and hard work.

make a plan to follow your dreams

#6 You will have more courage

Your dreams will eventually mean so much to you and achieving them will become something you will be doing non-stop.

There will be no stopping you because when your dreams consume you, you will follow with no hesitation. You’ll face all the fears that are trying to stop you from fulfilling those dreams.

This shows and builds courage – which is an important trait to have in many other aspects in life as well.

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#7 Life is short

Life is short and so much can happen in the blink of an eye. One of the most valuable possessions we all have, is time.

Don’t waste precious time and start following your dreams. You might not have everything figured out yet, but it will come along the way.

And you might not get there quickly, but at least you’re trying and making small steps.

sunset at sea

#8 Remember you are doing it for yourself

Dreams may seem like they are hard to achieve, but that’s what dreaming is all about.

There are many reasons why people stop following their dreams. Sometimes the reasons are not within our control, but often they are something we can control.

Follow your dreams because you want to and do it for yourself.

#9 Following your dreams means to take chances

Sometimes you have to take chances in life. Following your dreams is about taking chances and taking the risk. It shows you are passionate about your dreams.

Chances are you will receive so many opportunities which you never thought would come to you. You got to take risks in life because we only live once.

You may face challenges that you never thought you would overcome. But don’t allow that to stop you because you never know how you can overcome a situation.

how to follow your dreams

#10 You could potentially earn more from just following your dreams

Being passionate about your dreams can help you reach a level of success you never really knew about.

This is because you’re enthusiastic about the dreams you have set for yourself. You’re ready to follow your dreams.

You will have the capacity to learn and earn more because you are striving toward building your goals.

It will take time to make your dreams come true. But it will all pay off in the end. You’re excited about it because it’s something you can say you put your hard work into.

Whether you are working on a blog, writing a novel that you want to be in the best-selling list or launching an amazing new business, your result will come.

Things take time and your efforts matter, but you will grow as a person and you can start making an income from it.

how to follow your dreams

Let’s get started to follow your dreams

What is your dream? What is the one thing (or multiple things) that you have been dreaming about for a while, or maybe even since when you were a kid?

With the 10 reasons above in mind, is there any reason or excuse left why you shouldn’t start working on your dream(s)?

Start looking at what it takes to make your dream a reality and which steps you can take to get you closer, no matter how small these steps are. Then make your dream happen!

I want to hear all about your dreams and what dreams you plan on making a reality. Let me know in the comments!

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