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14 Inspiring Positive Affirmations To Embrace Your Self Love

14 Inspiring Positive Affirmations To Embrace Your Self Love

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Here are 14 self love affirmations to create a positive mindset, grow your self-esteem and believe in yourself. Get them as wallpapers for FREE.

positive self love affirmationsDo you agree with me that Valentine’s day shouldn’t be such a big deal? I think it’s important to keep the loving spirit throughout the year.

No matter if you’re single or in a relationship.

We should give love and self-love daily attention. Love yourself before you love someone else.

You can grow your self-love by reciting affirmations on a daily basis – it’s not a hippie thing, it truly works! You can read it below.

I have listed 14 self-love affirmations for you down below. I’ve also created phone wallpaper images and printable images for you! Get the beautiful and inspiring images by signing up below!

Let’s first take a look at what affirmations are, how they work and how to get the most out of your affirmation practice!


What are positive and self-love affirmations?

The word ‘affirmations’ pops up about everywhere now. But what exactly is meant by it?

Affirmations are positive phrases or mantras that describe a certain outcome or say something about who you want to be.

Usually, affirmations are in the present tense and are statements about things you want to be true – or are true already.

By reciting affirmations regularly, you will create a positive mindset, grow your self-esteem and believe in yourself.

Do affirmations work?

Before we move on, I’d like to explain to you why positive and self-love affirmations actually work. And no, it’s not some ‘floaty woolly hippie’ thing!

There is a genuine theory and a fair amount of neuroscience behind reciting daily affirmations.

The idea is that if you tell your brain something over and over again, it will start believing and acting as if it’s true. This is because your brain doesn’t always see the difference between reality and imagination.

And if positive affirmations are on your mind on a regular basis, you will also find ways to (un)intentionally work towards what you want to be true.

If you have doubts about the power of your brain’s imagination and visualization, I challenge you to do this:

Close your eyes and plant your feet firmly on the floor. Now imagine you see a big, hairy spider crawling on the floor, it’s crawling towards you on its 8 legs. It climbs up just a few inches next to your legs and then actually crawls onto your legs. Move your hand towards the big, hairy spider to slide it from your leg – does that make you shiver?

Even though you know there’s no spider, you will most likely feel some discomfort, because the spider is there in your imagination.

Here is the scientific theory of why positive affirmations work.

hand holding lemons with sea in background
When life gives you lemons…

When and how should I recite affirmations?

It could be quite challenging for you to recite positive and self-love affirmations, especially if you have negative mental chatter.

You have to fill your mind with positive affirmations to love yourself more. Let’s have a look at how to do that.

First of all, say your affirmations out loud to make them more ‘real’ and ‘tangible’. It might feel incredibly awkward in the beginning, but don’t worry – you’ll get over it and will actually start enjoying it.

Recite your affirmations at least once daily, but try to make it a habit of a minimum of 2 times per day – the first thing when you wake up and the last moment before you go to sleep.

My tactic is to write the positive mantras down on a card and to read them aloud in my morning routine, as well as reciting them before I go to sleep.

Of course, the more you fill your mind with it throughout the day, the better.

You can put up sticky notes around the house, for example, or keep them on your phone as background or widget.

Don’t go overboard with the amount of affirmations – rather have a few, 3-5 mantras, that you can completely focus on. After you have internalized these, feel free to focus on a new set of positive mantras.

small yellow flowers self love affirmations

List of self-love affirmations

Here is a list of affirmations for self-love, to help you have more positive thoughts about yourself and grow your self-esteem and confidence.

This list of affirmations serves as an inspiration for you to pick a few mantras or customize them to your specific situation.


Let’s get started with self love affirmations

Now that you know more about self-love affirmations and its importance, it’s time to put it in practice! For example, incorporate it in your morning routine.

Here’s a post I wrote about Creating Your Morning Routine In 5 Easy Steps.

Write down 3-5 affirmations that you want to work on. You can also print the images I made or make them your phone background.

Sign up in the form above to get the beautiful images + phone wallpapers with the self-love affirmations!

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