Zuba - Founder of Clear Grow Shine

Hi there, I’m so happy to see you here

I’m Zuba, the creator behind Clear Grow Shine, so let me tell you a bit more about myself.

I love serving the world by helping people to work towards their goals. In my main capacity, I do this at my day job working as a financial adviser. Here on the blog, I want to inspire you to reach your personal goals.

The things I’m most passionate about in life are my family, friends, and traveling. 

In my free time I love cozying up with my husband, spending time with friends and playing with our adorable cat, Ivy. When I’m traveling, I’m completely present in the moment and I often forget about life at home!

When I’m not busy working and growing this blog, you can catch me working out (I prefer weight training over cardio), cooking, Netflixing or running around the apartment with Ivy.

3 things you probably don’t know about me:

  • My roots are Kurdish. I was born in Kurdistan-Iraq, grew up in the Netherlands and I’m now living in Hong Kong with my husband.
  • I could watch tiny house tours for hours (this channel is great).
  • I like reading books, fiction, and non-fiction too.

Why Clear Grow Shine

I believe that in order for you to be able to truly shine and keep shining, you need to clear and grow first.

With my blog, I try to inspire and help people who:

  • Struggle with clearing their surroundings and mind
  • Are looking to grow into the best version of themselves
  • Want to shine in life by doing what matters to them

Let's get social

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