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The CGS Planner – undated printable planner

The CGS Planner helps you organize your life, stay on top of things and achieve your goals!
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printable life planner

The CGS Planner helps you clear your mind, grow as a person and shine in life!

Do you have a hard time to keep up with everything going on in your life? Like due dates, following up on things, events, working hours, your expenditure, etc.

Do you also want to take care of yourself and your home with self-care, working out, meal planning, reading, cleaning etc.?

The CGS Planner helps you to organize and stay on top of all things going on in your life. Besides that, it also supports you to set and achieve goals, and develop and track personal habits.

This planner is undated, so you can start at any time during the year and you can use the planner for years to come!

The CGS Planner is a printable and already in the correct order. You can print it at any size and put it in a binder of your preference.

The CGS Planner consists of the ‘intro pages’ and the planner itself. The planner includes quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily planning pages. The print files are already in the correct order – you can start printing and planning right away!

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Start off with the intro pages of the CGS Planner:

  • Have a think about what you want to do more/less of, before you move on to write down your top goals
  • With the SMART goal planning sheets, you can make each goal more actionable
  • Then, plan your goals as quarterly focus goals to make it bite-sized and achievable
  • Don’t get in the way of yourself, by planning for obstacles in advance with the ‘If… Then’ page
  • Write out what your ideal week looks like, to use as a guideline when you plan your weeks
  • Create morning and evening routines, for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • And create plans for your self-care and workouts, to make sure you will take care of yourself
daily planner printable

What else is in the CGS Planner?

  • Quarterly plans
  • Quarterly project time trackers
  • Quarterly review pages
  • Monthly planner with habit tracker
  • TWO versions of weekly planners
  • Weekly space for
    • Follow-ups
    • Events
    • Self-care
    • Workouts
    • Cleaning
    • Free space for personalization
  • Weekly reflection pages
  • Daily planning pages with space for
    • Gratitude – for positive emotions and building self-esteem
    • Reflection – to improve yourself bit by bit every day
    • Expenditure – to be aware of your daily expenses
    • Work hours – for accountability and to optimize your productivity
    • Food journal – keep track of what you eat and recognize patterns
    • ‘Now reading’ – reading has many benefits for your brain, so do it daily

This chic and minimalistic printable planner is ready for you to be printed right away – for the whole year or per quarter.

The CGS Planner has plenty of space for personalization. For example, the 3 schedule blocks on the daily pages can be used for morning, afternoon and evening, or for 3 areas of your life, or 3 projects, etc.

When you buy your CGS planner, there are 2 versions included, each with a different weekly lay-out. Everyone has different planning styles and needs, so you can choose from the versions or switch up throughout the year!

There are separate files of each version for you to print Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4, or you can print the whole planner at once. You can also print the intro pages separately.

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