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Gift Guide For The Best Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Gifts

Gift Guide For The Best Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Gifts

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Find the 12 best sustainable and eco-friendly gifts in this guide - and support small business owners this holiday season.

The holidays are around the corner! In many countries the holiday season will be like “normal” again. 

Extreme weather conditions worldwide have made many people became more aware of the importance of sustainability this year.

Christmas is often a time of much excess, but an increasing number of people are looking to celebrate the holiday season in a more eco-friendly way. Where better than to start with: gifts!

This is a gift guide with 12 eco-friendly and sustainable gifts. It helps you to take the responsibility as a gift giver and inspire the receivers to be more eco-conscious.

It’s important to support small business owners. All the products in this gift guide are from Etsy, a marketplace where small business owners can sell their, often handmade, creations.

I scoured all over Etsy for you to find unique, eco-friendly and sustainable gifts with great reviews. They’re all items that I would/will buy as gifts (or treat myself with) so I’m proudly sharing them below.

Show small businesses some love and let’s make sustainable gift-giving the ‘new normal’!

Click on the images or the titles to be redirected to the Etsy shop.

12 Eco-friendly and sustainable gifts

eco phone case sustainable gift

1. Eco phone case

Almost everyone uses a phone case. But phone cases are often made of plastic, so that’s a lot of plastic! Start going plastic-free and help your loved ones too with these eco phone cases. There is no plastic in there and they’re biodegradable, so you’re protecting both your phone and the planet! They’re available for many popular phones, in several colors and minimalistic designs. And how cool is it that you can personalize it!

zero waste starter kit gift

2. Zero waste starter kit

Help eliminate single-use plastic and reduce waste with these starter kits that include re-usable items for the bathroom and kitchen. It’s the perfect gift for any aspiring zero-waster to help them start their plastic-free journey. There are starter kits for bathroom essentials, kitchen essentials, kitchen storage and an ultimate bundle including all products. Or you could buy the items separately.

Photo via ZeroWasteMVMT

scented soy candles

3. Scented soy candles

Look at these scented soy candles in cute mason jars! Many candles have toxic fumes but soy candles are non-toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly. The candles shown here are handmade and have a burn time of about 25-35 hours. There’s an amazing list of 70 scents that you can choose from! The scents Christmas Day, Fireside, Hansel and Gretel’s House, and Mistletoe are perfect Christmas gifts.

Photo via

wooden toys sustainable gift

4. For the kids: wooden toys

Let’s not forget about the kids in the family or friend group. Wooden toys are extremely durable, naturally anti-bacterial and help kids to grow their imagination. These wooden toys are handmade from materials that are natural, biodegradable and safe for children. As an added touch, you can personalize it.

Photo via FriendlyToys

bamboo make up brush eco friendly gift

5. Bamboo make-up brushes

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on earth, making it a very sustainable material and an eco-friendly alternative to plastic or wood that needs deforestation. Besides, there are no chemicals or pesticides required to harvest bamboo. These make-up brushes are made from bamboo and are vegan. The seller donates part of the proceeds of each sale to animal charities, which gives it even more meaning to buy these brushes as a gift.
Not a make-up user? Consider bamboo toothbrushes and hairbrushes.

Photo via

6. Eco-friendly travel mug

These funky travel mugs surely brighten up the day! It’s the perfect gift for that person who often gets coffee on the go. It saves on single-use cups and many coffee shops give you a discount if you bring your own cup. These travel mugs are made from a mix of bamboo, melamine and cornstarch and contain no BPA and no phthalate.

Photos via MagicMoonTree

organic soap eco friendly gift set

7. Natural soap gift set

A perfect gift for the holidays, an eco-friendly Christmas gift box of soap which will get anyone into the Christmas spirit. These soaps are 100% natural, contain no artificial ingredients and are scented with organically sourced essential oils. Also, no palm oil has been used, because of the devastation it causes rain forests. You can also get single pieces of soap from this seller. And for dog lovers: there are also dog shampoo bars!

Photos via

coconut bowl sustainable eco friendly gift

8. Coconut bowls

These great looking eco-friendly coconut bowls are made with real coconuts that are polished smooth. They have the perfect size for breakfast bowls, desserts and more. Not only will you be supporting artisans from Sri Lanka, who handcraft these bowls, but since the bowls are made from coconut shells that otherwise would have been burned, you’ll help the environment too. Check out the rest of their shop too!

Photo via Unsplash

eco friendly gift travel mug with tea infuser

9. Tea infuser travel mug

If someone prefers tea over coffee, a travel mug with a tea infuser is a perfect sustainable gift. This mug has a double wall to keep the tea insulated, whether it’s hot or ice tea. The steeper is made from stainless steel, re-usable and has a handy handle to take it out of the bottle. The bamboo lid can be personalized for a unique gift!

Photo via

bamboo charcuterie board gift

10. Personalized charcuterie board

Made of bamboo, these charcuterie boards are durable and sustainable. You can choose from different boards and personalize it in different styles, making it a perfect gift. When you flip the board, it can be used as a regular cutting board.

Photo via

eco phone speaker sustainable gift

11. Eco phone speaker

This wooden phone speaker is a truly unique gift. Amplify your phone’s music without the need for Bluetooth, chargers, electricity, software or anything else. You can bring it anywhere with you and it fits every smartphone. All of this makes this speaker a gift to enjoy for years to come!

Photo via Ecospeakers

indoor herb garden kit eco friendly gift

12. Indoor herb garden kit

Gift someone their own indoor herb garden with this all-in-one gardening kit to enjoy home-grown herbs. It includes everything you need to start growing your own herbs such as, basil, thyme, parsley and 6 others. There are detailed instruction cards so anyone can start gardening right away. It comes in a stylish box, making it an ideal gift.

Photo via FleurDuBien

Let’s get started

I hope this gift guide inspired you to get eco-friendly gifts and make it easier for others to be environmentally sustainable.

I’m off now to gift myself some of these items!

Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below – and I’m always happy to hear more suggestions.

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