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10 Good Non Fiction Books That Will Inspire You

10 Good Non Fiction Books That Will Inspire You

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Here are 10 non fiction books that will give you inspiration. From personal development and mental health to lifestyle and history - there is something for everyone's taste.

Reading non-fiction books often gives me an inspiration boost! There is something about reading about personal development or someone’s life story that gives me energy and encouragement. 

In this post I have selected 10 non fiction books that will hopefully inspire you too! 

The books cover several topics, from personal development and mental health to history and lifestyle. 

Looking for fiction books? Here is my list of 2021 summer books you don’t want to miss. 

Girlhood examines the narratives the author and other women received growing up, messages that limit their autonomy and authentic expression – and what it takes to free oneself from them and reimagine what it means to be female. This book is a combination of investigative reporting, personal writing and scholarship by the critically acclaimed author Melissa Febos.

In ‘Goodbye, Again’ you’ll find a collection of essays, other writings and illustrations about mental health, loneliness, productivity and belonging. Jonny Sun writes in a unique, funny and heartfelt style and his pieces range from long meditations to short humor pieces, conversations and memorable one-liners. A great read for anyone trying to create in our chaotic world.

The Barbizon Hotel was built in 1927 and was a female-only residential hotel for the ambitious, independent women who flocked to New York City to follow their dreams and pursue a career in the arts. Some famous names of writers, actresses and singers that stayed here are Ann Beattie, Grace Kelly and Liza Minelli. In this book you’ll not only read about the history of this legendary hotel but also important moments in women’s history from that time period. As The Economist puts it: “The story of the Barbizon is in many ways the story of American in the twentieth century”.

As you may know, I’m a big fan of digital minimalism and spending less time on social media and phones in general. This book not only lays out the effects of a tech-saturated world, but also helps you with thoughtful strategies to rethink your relationship with the online world and learn how to unplug without the fear of missing out.

Matt Haig is a best-selling author and has an Instagram with words of wisdom and quotes to relate to. His new book ‘The Comfort Book’ is for anyone who needs a short burst of comfort from time to time, like a comfort blanked or a life-raft. You can open it up at any page and find something that offers comfort, positivity and calm. In this book, Haig builds on the ‘wisdom of philosophers and survivors through the ages.’

Jay Shetty has been bringing timeless ancient wisdom to his social media and number one podcast for several years now. In this book he explores his time as a monk in the Vedic tradition to give us insights on how to unlock your potential and power, overcome negative thoughts and habits and access calm and purpose. It’s a great book for anyone looking for words of wisdom on self-discipline, improving focus and reducing stress.

The Danish philosophy of ‘Hygge’ (pronounce as hoo-ga) is becoming more and more popular. It embraces comfort, togetherness and well-being – it’s an atmosphere and an experience of feeling home and safe. In ‘The little book of Hygge’ the author describes how you can achieve Hygge at home and in your life, from lighting, get-togethers, clothes to food and drinks. Get Hygge this summer!

Rebecca Minkoff is a successful fashion designer. She has had an enormous drive to live her dream and built her empire through hard work. Rebecca shares her stories on how she was able to reach her goals, be fearless and successful. Her story makes you re-evaluate how you measure creativity and happiness and that if you work hard and face the unspoken rules that have held women back, you can make success happen for yourself.

The subtitle tells a lot about this book: How to stop worrying about what you should do, so you can finish what you need to do and start doing what you want to do. This book helps you to cut through the cycle of self-sabotage, figure out how to leave your emails at the office, avoid avoidance, conquer your fear for failure and simply; get your shit together.

This is not a book that offers you quick fixes. Everything is Figureoutable helps you retrain your brain to think more creatively and positively when you are faced with setbacks. However, I wouldn’t recommend this book to someone who is dealing with depression or any mental illness issues as the tips are not really applicable in those situations.

Which book is first on your list? Leave your comment down below and don’t forget to share this article.

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