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The Best Screen Free Activities For At Home

The Best Screen Free Activities For At Home

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We spend too much time looking at screens; phones, computers, TVs etc. Give your eyes and mind some rest with these screen free activities.

the best screen free activities for at home pinOn average, we spend 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on our phones. On top of that, we often also spend time on laptops, desktops, or tablets and watching TV. It’s not surprising that more and more people are looking for screen free activities. 

Do you want to spend less time:

-scrolling social media

– watching videos

– playing video games

– or anything else involving a computer/phone/TV/tablet screen?

Read on for the best screen free activities for at home.

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Screen free activities for at home

Do a jigsaw puzzle

Doing a jigsaw puzzle is a great way to unplug and escape from the information overload of our digital worlds. 

My husband and I recently started a 1000-piece puzzle. It has taken most of our dinner table for weeks now, but it is a relaxing activity away from any screen.

We put on some music and get to puzzling, which is very relaxing! It’s a nice activity to do together. The puzzle is challenging at times, but that makes it even more rewarding when you’re solving it.

doing a puzzle as screen free activity

Puzzling will not only help you unplug but solving a jigsaw puzzle has many benefits for your brain, such as:

  • you exercise both the left and right sides of your brain, like a mental workout that improves your attention span and problem-solving skills
  • it will improve your short-term memory
  • improving your visual-spatial reasoning

That’s not all. Because you are focused on one image for a long time, puzzling is a form of meditation and a good stress reliever.

You can puzzle by yourself for a quiet break and some me-time. Or you can puzzle with others, it is a good way to connect with each other: You will be working towards a shared goal together.

Puzzles for adults are usually 500+ pieces. If it’s your first time doing a puzzle, start with a 500-pieces puzzle as they have a perfect balance between solvability and challenge.


Play a board or card game

Let’s get back in time and do what used to entertain us before computers and smartphones with one of the most known screen free activity at home.

Board- and card games are becoming more popular, as more and more people are looking for ways to pass time without using screens.

Here are some suggestions for games with a minimum of 2 players:

  • 7 Wonders Duel: If you’re looking for a challenging game and where you have to use strategy, this is a perfect game. It’s specifically made for 2 players, so perfect for playing with your partner.
  • The Mind: The idea of this game is very simple, but playing it is harder than you think! Also very fun to do with a group of friends.
  • Catan card game: a classic game, made into a card version for 2 players.
  • Connect 4: We were once at a restaurant where the waiter gave us a Connect 4 game to play while we were waiting for our food. It was so much fun! Be warned, it might get quite competitive…
  • Labyrinth: I used to play this a lot as a kid, but it’s fun for adults as well, as you’ll have to block each other in the maze.

Read a book or magazine

Reading a book or magazine will transport you to a different world and is a great screen free activity with many benefits. Just like the internet would, but without the computer/phone screen and blue light!

My preference is still printed books and magazines. However, ebook readers have their benefits. They are small and light-weight, you can store many titles on it and are easy to hold when you’re laid down.

Some of my favorite books are:

It’s also nice to read a magazine sometimes, as it’s more bite-sized than a book.

reading books is one of the best screen free activities


Pamper yourself with a spa at home

Get away from the digital world with an at-home spa. It’s easy and doesn’t have to cost you much.

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Put on relaxing music, make some infused water, and draw a bath or have a shower steam. Change into cozy clothes and treat yourself with some DIY beauty treatments.

It’s the perfect combination of time away from screens and focusing on yourself.

the simple at home spa guide pin


Bake something

I think many of us have tried to bake something in the past few months (#quarantinebaking anyone?). But of course, you can do this always, all year long.

Baking is a form of mindfulness and helps to relieve stress.

Baking (and cooking too) give you a sense of being in control, as you are in control of what you’re making.

With baking, it’s important to follow the exact ingredients, otherwise your baked goods will not turn out as they’re supposed to. You’ll need a bit more focus with baking than with cooking.

Some people, including me, also find it rewarding to follow a set of directions to create a tasty end result.

baking is a mindful screen free activity

Need ideas for what to bake?

  • Oatmeal muffins
  • Chocolate chip banana bread
  • Poundcake
  • Cookies
  • Bread
  • Cheesecake


Do DIY crafting

Were you a crafty type as a kid? If so, I bet you will still enjoy doing crafts.

And if you think you’re not the crafty type? I challenge you to try out any DIY craft. Yes, it’s a screen free activity for adults as well.

It’s a good alternative for spending time watching TV, scrolling social media or aimlessly browsing the internet.

There are many types of DIY crafting and often you can find starter kits with explanations:

diy crafting screen free activity


Listen to a podcast or audiobook

Listening to a podcast or audiobook during commuting is pretty popular nowadays. But who’s to say you can’t do that at home as well?

Grab your favorite drink, light a scented candle, get cozy on your sofa and turn on a podcast or audiobook!

If you’re looking for a large collection of audiobooks, I’d recommend using Audible. Audible has a huge selection of audiobooks, including Audible originals.

Give Audible a try with their 30-day FREE trial (cancel anytime before the end date if you don’t want to keep the membership!).

I had a great experience listening to Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’, narrated by Michelle Obama herself.


Turn on your favorite music and dance like no one is watching! The best screen free activity, haha!

Let’s get started

I want to know if you tried any of these screen free activities for at home and if so, how’d you like it? Do you have any other screen free activities? Let me know in the comments below!

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